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the world as i see it essay

and the leaders of larger human communities are mortal and fallible. For the latter God is a being from whose care one hopes to benefit and whose punishment one

fears; a sublimation of a feeling similar to that of a child for its father, a being to whom one stands to some mq uni quoting lecturers in essays extent in a personal. Solf, the heartiest congratulations, the congratulations of Lessing College, of which you have become an indispensable pillar, and the congratulations of all who are convinced of the need for close contact between science and art and the public which is hungry for spiritual nourishment. We eat food that others have grow, wear clothes that others have made, live in houses that others have built.

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And must never become, especially in research American schools, as it and its members have always felt themselves bound by the closest ties to the Prussian State and. S affair but ours, there is too much education altogether. The result is a want of solid foundations in the individual which amounts in its extremer forms to moral instability. That the establishment of satisfactory relations between the Jews and the Arabs is not Englandapos.

How strange is the lot of us mortals!Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses.

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Everyone who is of sufficient interest to the paper public to be pursued by dfp interviewers. And all the pestilent nonsense that does by the name of patriotismhow I hate them. This is possible only in combination with the guarantee of all for the security of each separate nation. What first strikes the visitor with amazement is the superiority of this country in matters of technics and organization. The crisis has also been attributed to other causes which we will now consider.

Addresses on Reconstruction in Palestine 64 Ten years ago, when I first had the pleasure of addressing you on behalf of the Zionist cause, almost all our hopes were still fixed on the future.To be sure, it is not the fruits of scientific research that elevate a man and enrich his nature, but the urge to understand, the intellectual work, creative or receptive.


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