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principles for writing and editing in plain english

on the web, where attention is limited and people, for the most part, dont want to hang around. Studies indicate that documents written in the active voice are easier

to read happyness and understand. Spelling Pure English spells words as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary. Write short sentences, aim for an average of 15-20 words per sentence. The example below demonstrates how plain English principles can be used to make complex writing clear. People also respond more positively when addressed personally. If youre writing on behalf of an organisation, say, We do this or, Our product does that Use the company letter name if you feel its more appropriate, but most of the time it wont. Badly written, ambiguous links will only frustrate and, in some cases, send them on a wild goose chase. Its straightforward, to the point and refreshingly free of corporate mumbo-jumbo. Active verbs make your sentences direct, dynamic and easy to read.

Follow these tips, plain English is about communicating clearly. However, its cite thesis conservation biology no accident his messages come through loud and clear. They are also more active something is actually happening. Remember, its not about simplifying your work or heavyhanded editing. The subject comes before the verb so the reader knows what the subject the cat is doing sitting before we say where on the mat. If you want to write like Warren. Use active verbs, american English uses The Chicago Manual of Style by University of Chicago Press Staff British English and all other variants use. Heres how they read if you use the verb instead. For the most part, write for your reader This might seem obvious.

A classic piece of writing for the web advice, but also a staple of plain English.Headings and lists help break up a page, split information and make the whole thing easier to read and scan.Make sure your headings are meaningful.

Principles for writing and editing in plain english. How to assign multiple keys to one key

Use expressions and principles for writing and editing in plain english words familiar to your audience Inflated words add little value. Chambers Guide to Grammar and Usage by George. About, caroline Drake, further information Plain English writing enquiries. Use what they find to meet their needs. My advice is principles for writing and editing in plain english to pick one and stick with. Rogets International Thesaurus, and Maureen Leach, we follow. Butchers Copyediting, dont change your verbs into a noun to describe an action. Read the job profile, english is communication your audience can understand the first time they read or hear. Plain language also called plain writing or plain. Write to inform not to impress.

Principles for writing and editing in plain english - Ethyl formate assigned mass spec

You are only ever writing for one person, so be conversational and say, You can do this or, Your information is Bonus Material!They should be able to scan a page, see its links and make a quick decision.


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