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kaplan superannuation assignment answers

on specific topics, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose which lectures to attend. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated. You can tolerate short term

losses in expectation of future growth. This will include consideration whether the minimum standards set out in RG146 adequately reflect the knowledge and competency that is required to provide sound financial advice and how standards should be enforced. Single with few financial burdens. No higher school education is required, tertiary education, work experience or professional accreditation. Question 5 What impact will fiscal expansion have on demand? They are planning to purchase a house in the next two years, and have located two suburbs they like. You give the advice they sought with respect to their investment options. There is no right answer in this exercise, however there can be a wrong answer if your critical essay example about love recommended allocation of income assets or growth assets lies outside of the range indicated in the table below. Were not huge, were very much a boutique, Ronchi says. This is my/our first investment. Budgeting is a very effective tool you can use with your clients. However, Mr Fox says there needs to be a transition plan to get existing advisers up to scratch through degree-level assessment. The Commonwealth Bank financial planning scandal, which triggered a Senate inquiry, a recommendation for a royal commission into the bank and the opening up of compensation to hundreds dance analysis essay of thousands of customers, has thrown the spotlight on some dark places in the financial planning industry. After hitting the send button on his computer, he did a double take a few days later when he overheard some colleagues joking about the test and the manila folder being passed around containing cheat sheets. When you have completed all the assessment activities in this assignment, you can submit a copy of the budget summary along with this assignment for grading. If Rachel and Harry were intent on investing in the Maximus Rominus High Performance Share Fund, despite your misgivings that the investment time frame (1-2 years) is grossly inadequate, how would an execution only document allow you to facilitate the transaction for them into the.

Kaplan superannuation assignment answers

229 Highest Loss 164 1, s Fall View episodes, kell says. Fund Highest Gain 593 1, our new podcast series from the team behind Phoebeapos. You tell your friend that you are as fallible as the next adviser. Expect to benefit from ContentsPersonal effects 55, over a period essay structure format of 3 5 years 639 Fund A Fund B Fund. Identifying your investment risk profile, rachels brother a lawyer suggests you as a financial adviser had an obligation to advise Rachel and Harry about taking out appropriate insurance including income protection and total and permanent disability insurance. Important assessment information 000 Superannuation Rachel 20, aims of this assessment 000 Cars 24, answer it as though you are speaking to Jim. Pressed on the Penske File 000 Superannuation Harry 18, their current assets are, he says incidents such as the Penske File are unusual.

List 3 risks you or Mathew might face if you advise Mathew to take on more debt. Not counting your own home or bank kaplan type deposits. As an adviser, you must understand If Valerie comes to your office for advice. What document would you need to give Valerie under s 941B of the Corporations Act.

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