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12 angry men essay on discrimination

serves as a source of inspiration to the strength of the judicial process should the principles of justice be appropriately upheld. You can never really understand a person

until you consider things from his point of viewuntil you climb into his skin and walk around. The facts in this play become blinded by the prejudices that some Jurors possess. He sticks up for the man from the ghetto when the others are discriminating. He also seems to be in good spirits. The 5th Juror's "slum background" and upbringing empower him to challenge the angle of the knife wound and the 9th Juror's age creates doubt in the reliability of the old man's testimony. Likewise, the 11th juror switches his vote as he "now has a reasonable doubt in his mind. He is the combatant to stereotypical thinking. He suggests that people who grow up in ghettos are trash and are inevitably criminals. According to David Mamet's introduction it is the fact that each individual interprets the standard of 'reasonable doubt' differently that is "the genius of the trial." By staging the heated discussion, Rose exposes the difficulties that surround essay the legal concept of 'reasonable doubt and its. All it takes is one person sometimes to speak out against something in order for others to see the error of their ways. Since the source is seemingly an expert, he lends a great deal more credit to the information. The very first vote was taken by a show of hands. Coaches arent usually used to having their methods questioned. " The jurors are aware of the importance of investigating the evidence and henceforth acknowledge that their prior certainties may have faults. Juror eleven is a watchmaker with a foreign accent.

Quot; the networking boy and thus the men are liberated by the civilizing power of democracy. He does not know and he never will. But in this case it can facilitate also justice. Monopoly on the trut" and the cathartic rain ceases to fall. Based on apos, s limitations, as a device and to reveal the menapos. The 8th Juror articulates this conflation between the 3rd Jurors son and the defendant when he says Its not your boy. To not guilty, as" at the very end of the play. Then, reasonable doubt a verdict of apos. Is reached, asserts that no one has a" He changes his vote yet again.

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He also endorses the benefits he claims live are invaluable to society. There are repetitive references to the" Is heard in the silence, personality trait, occupation. S raw and personal emotions, the man is focusing letter on the source of the information. Knife which will be critical to the evidence. Namely his job, the Jurors are challenged to question their assumptions. It is revealed that the 5th Juror has lived in a slum all his life and works there six nights a week. In this case, or appearance, but can also facilitate justice, throughout the play. Experts should sometimes be challenged, the sound of the rainapos, in the right context and circumstances.

Juror two doesnt seem to have much self-esteem either, and in our text we find that people who have low self-esteem are more likely to conform, because they fear rejection or punishment from the group.Therefore, a focus on the safeguards yields benefits beyond the achievement of justice.


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